Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pools for kiddies age 3+

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Upgrading to a larger pool size does not have to be permanent. There are so many different kinds of pools for growing families. The pools shown here are larger deeper pools that are also inflatable, portable and easy to break down to store away after the summer season.  Many of these pools can be moved easily throughout the season too.  There is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a permanent pool that takes up yard space.  Many of these pools are easy to set up and easy to break down when the summer season is over.  Keep the kids entertained all summer long with these great pools.

Inflatable and metal frame pool sets that are very affordable and easy to cover to help keep them clean during the season.  Pools that won't break the bank but allows you and your family to have a lot of fun and stay cool.

For families with children ages 3 and up.

The next set of pool ideas and sizes are perfect for children ages 4-6-years-old.

The next group of pools are for families with children ages 6 and up.  Affordable pool ideas and sizes for the older kids to have fun.  Upgrade without permanently setting up a pool.  Easy to set up and easy to break down.

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